Ameriflight to add Saab 340Fs

Ameriflight has announced it has signed an agreement with Jetstream Aviation Capital to expand the fleet with fifteen Saab 340Fs. The cargo airline is expecting that the first aircraft will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

The addition of the Saab 340s means that Ameriflight is adding a new type to the fleet. Today, the carrier has a fleet of 52 Beech 99s, 25 Beech 1900s, thirteen EMB120s and 41 SA227s.

Ameriflight has its headquarters at Dallas (TX), with hubs at Borinquen (PR), Burbank (CA), Cincinnati (OH), El Paso (TX), Lansing (MI), Manchester (NH), Omaha (NE), Ontario (CA), Phoenix (AZ), Portland (WA), San Antonio (TX), San Juan (PR) and Spokane (WA).

Illustration by Ameriflight.

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