Beechcraft Denali makes first flight

Textron Aviation newest turboprop aircraft, the Beechcraft Beech 220 Denali, has made its first flight on 23 November. The aircraft, N220BT (E220-744001) departed from Wichita-Eisenhower International Airport (KS) at 08:20 and performed a 2 hour 50 minute flight. Maximum altitude reached during the flight was 15600 feet, the maximum speed 180 knots.
The Denali flight test fleet will consist of three ground test aircraft and three flying prototypes, including this one.
The Beechcraft Denali is designed for a cruise speed of 285 knots, a 1600 nautical mile range, and a maximum of nine passengers. It will compete with the Pilatus PC-12, Piper PA-46, and Daher TBM turboprops, amongst others. Earlier this year, Textron Aviation decided to use its Beechcraft brand instead of the Cessna brand for the Denali. It seems the Beechcraft branded turboprops including the Denali and King Air are catered towards a business role, whereas the Caravan and SkyCourier lines, branded as Cessna, are designed towards a utility role.
Photo by Textron Aviation.

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