Brazil's newest airline

Brazilian bus company Viação Itapemirim is planning to start-up a new airline division, which is planned to launch in 2021.

The airline, which is to be called ITA Transportes Aéreos, has signed agreements with lessors for ten Airbus A320s which they will deploy on domestic, regional and international routes out of three bases at Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão and São Paulo-Guarulhos. 

Eventually the airline has the ambition to grow to a fleet of 50 A320s by 2022. 

This is actually the second attempt of Itapemirim to establish an airline. Back in 1990 they also launched an airline, first as an all-cargo carrier and from 1996 also as a passenger airline. Two years later, however, the passenger-side of the airline was sold to TAM and the company ceased their flying operations by 2000.

Photo: Itapemirim

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