CJ4Gen2 Coolview 640Cessna launches Citation CJ4 Gen2

Textron Aviation has announced the first upgrade to its Citation CJ4 jet more than ten years after the first delivery. Dubbed the CJ4 Gen2, the upgrade is mainly focused on improving the passenger experience. The upgrade features new airstairs, step lighting and a handrail, new interior lighting and an improved galley. Other new features in the cabin include new seating options, new CoolView skylights and multimedia in the shape of a wireless cabin management system.
No upgrades to avionics were announced as Textron has done with the King Air a couple of months ago. The manufacturer has identified these interior upgrades as priority after receiving customer feedback. More than 340 examples have rolled off the CJ4 production line since deliveries began in 2010.
Photos by Textron Aviation.

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