CityJet to add ERJ190s/195s

CH-Aviation interviewed the CEO of CityJet and learned that the airline will diversify its fleet next year by adding the Embraer ERJ190 or ERJ195. As second-hand CRJ900s are becoming more scarce, adding Embraers will ensure the airline can continue to offer ACMI-services to (potential) customers. Initially, the plan is to add up to five Embraers.

The company is also interested in potentially adding turboprops like the ATR72 or the DHC-8-400 and continue to investigate the possibilities. According to the article, however, these plans are still in a very preliminary stage.

Currently, the airline has a fleet of 20 CRJ900s. Eleven of these are currently flown by CityJet for SAS as part of a long-term ACMI-contract. In the coming months, depending on development of the market, four will also be reactivated and flown for SAS. The remaining five are available for other (ACMI) flights and charters.

At the moment, the ACMI-contract with SAS is CityJet's only long-term contract as during the pandemic contracts with Aer Lingus, Air France and Brussels Airlines were terminated. The airline is, however, in discussion with five airlines for new ACMI-contracts in 2022.

Photo by CityJet.

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