Comair to cancel B737MAX-order

As part of its restructuring programme, Comair is seeking to cancel its B737MAX-order with Boeing, which would help reduce the airline's capital expenditure in the coming years. According to CH-Aviation, Comair is citing the delayed delivery of its second and third B737-8 as a trigger for cancelling the contract that it signed with the aircraft manufacturer in September 2013.

The airline currently has one B737-8, ZS-ZCA (60432), which is parked at Johannesburg. A second one, ZS-ZCB (60434) is officially ready for delivery, but parked at Everett-Paine Field (WA). So far, the South African civil aviation authorities haven't lifted the ban on the B737MAX yet, but even if it did, Comair already said the B737MAX is not part of the airline's fleet-plans for the future.

Comair, which operates as a British Airways-franchisee, also two B737-400s and thirteen B737-800s. It also owns low-cost carrier Kulula (operating one B737-400 and nine B737-800s) as well Star Air Cargo (nine B737-300(F)s and one B737-400).

Photo by Boeing.

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