Conflict resolved; B747-400s can leave Twente Airport

Earlier this week we reported that six Lufthansa B747-400s were stuck at Twente Airport due to a conflict between the airport and the Environmental & Transport Agency (ILT). 

Now we can report that the conflict has been resolved and that Twente Airport will get a one off approval to let the planes depart, but with some additional safety measures. One of them is that the aircraft need to be as light as possible when leaving e.g. just a minimum level of fuel.

When the planes arrived at Twente, the airport hoped Lufthansa would keep them at the airport for a long time and eventually decide to have them dismantled there as well. However, Lufthansa has decided to sell the six planes to GE Aviation Materials and they will scrap the planes in the US.

Originally the goal was to have one B747-400 depart Twente this week and now that the conflict is resolved one will depart soon. Two other will leave before the end of the year, while the final three will have left Twente by June 2021.

Photo by Twente Airport

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