DAT to retire final MD-83

Danish Air Transport will soon retire its final MD-83 and celebrated the upcoming occasion by conducting a special good-bye flight on 16 October. The aircraft, OY-RUE (49936) flew a special scenic 1,5 hour flight as DTR1 from and to Copenhagen. A day later the aircraft was used to fly passengers to Hurghada, where it's still on the ground. It's expected that the return-flight to Denmark will be the actual final MD-80-flight for DAT.

Over the years, Danish Air Transport operated a total of five MD-80s: three MD-82s, one MD-83 and one MD-87. The first, the MD-87 arrived in 2009. The airline's fleet also features six ATR42s, nine ATR72s, two A320s and a single A321.

Bulgarian Air Charter is now the only remaining European airline to operate the MD-80. The carrier has a fleet of nine MD-82s.

Photo by Anton Homma.


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