Emirates expands cargo-fleet

During the Air Show at its homebase, Emirates has announced it will expand its cargo-fleet by adding six more aircraft.

First, the airline placed an order with Boeing for two additional new B777Fs. The new freighters will be delivered in April and June 2022 and will bring the fleet of B777Fs to a total of twelve newbuilt aircraft. Both were already in the orderbook of Boeing but as undisclosed.

Secondly, the airline signed an agreement with IAI for the conversion of four of its B777-300ERs into the B777-300ERBDSF. We already reported on this back in September, when Air Finance Journal reported that the airline planned to convert five B777-300ERs. The conversion of the aircraft will begin in early 2023 and will be finalized at the end of 2024. Emirates also secured options with IAI for the conversion of a further, unspecified, number of B777-300ERs.

Photo by Emirates.

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