Former Indian Westland 30 helicopters in the UK

The Westland 30 was a British medium helicopter based on the Westland Lynx. The prototype WG-30 made its first flight on 10 April 1979. Production of the first model, the Westland 30-100, started in 1981. The main operator of the type was Pawan Hans of India with aircraft being delivered to that company between 1986 and 1988.

Already in 1991, the helicopters were withdrawn from service due to safety reasons. In that period, the manufacturer handed the type certificate back to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), thus grounding the type.

Of the 21 helicopters delivered to Pawan Hans, two crashed and the remaining 19 were sold to AES Aerospace, a British company. For a long time the location of the helicopters was not known but recently eleven helicopters have been re-discovered at an industrial estate in Gloucestershire (UK).

Access to the site is strictly limited by the owner. The helicopters are sometimes visible from a nearby public footpath, but due to the interest of enthusiasts, trucks are regularly put in front of them to block photographs or to limit identification. Eleven helicopters have been identified; VT-EKE, VT-EKG, VT-EKK, VT-EKL, VT-EKM, VT-EKN, VT-EKX, VT-EKY, N5820T, N112WG, and N118WG. The last three are painted in a overall red colourscheme, the VT registered ones have the Pawan Hans colours as shown on the photo (information via Copters list).

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