HondaJet Elite 640Honda launches HondaJet Elite S

Yesterday, 26 May 2021, Honda unveiled yet another version of the HondaJet, dubbed the Elite S. It will be on sale starting next month.

The Elite S raises the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) by 91kg (200lb), increasing the range at maximum payload by 222km (120nm).

The avionics suite is also upgraded on the Elite S, adding DataComm and ACARS to the Garmin G3000 system. Some other features have been enhanced as well.

Finally, the manufacturer has added three new colour scheme options: gunmetal, luxe gold and deap see blue.

So far, besides the basic HondaJet, the HondaJet has spawned three other variants: HondaJet Elite, HondaJet Elite S and the HondaJet APMG. The latter is a retrofit of older HondaJets to near-Elite status.

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