IAI expands conversion capacity

IAI has signed agreements with both Ethiopian Airlines and Etihad Airways to increase its conversion capacity in order to meet the rise in demand of converted passenger-to-cargo aircraft.

With Ethiopian, IAI signed a deal to secure a B767-conversion line at the airlines' base at Addis Ababa. The first three aircraft that will undergo conversion there will be three Ethiopian Airlines B767-300ERs, which will then be redelivered to the airline after conversion.

The agreement with Etihad Engineering is to establish a B777-300ER-conversion line at Abu Dhabi. This line will be used to convert these Triple Sevens into B777-300ERSFs, which are dubbed "Big Twin" by IAI and co-developer GECAS. It's expected the first B777-300ERSF will be certified and delivered in 2023.

Illustration by IAI.


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