F28 Ansett"Just a nice Picture...!"

On 22 September 1983, at Melbourne Airport (VIC), Merv Crowe took a picture of this Ansett NSW - New South Wales-Fellowship. It had just rolled out in this new colour scheme, which may not have been to everyone's liking, in mainly yellow with a red/white-cheatline, extending into a red/white tail, featuring Air New South Wales-titles. Not only Fellowships were repainted, also some Friendships were the lucky recipients of these colours.

F28-1000 VH-FKD (msn 11026) first flew on 26 October 1970, and was registered twenty days earlier, as PH-EXA. A few weeks after its first flight it started its delivery journey to Down Under, where it arrived on 10 November, to fly for Ansett NSW - Airlines of New South Wales.

It never lost its registration VH-FKD until it was scrapped during 1994, at an unknown location. It operated mainly for Ansett NSW, but had stints with MMA MacRobertson Miller Airlines (April 1971 - July 1981), Ansett WA - Airlines of Western Australia (July 1981 - March 1983), back to Ansett NSW (until November 1984) before a five-month period with Ansett WA. It finally returned to the original owner Ansett NSW - Air New South Wales, in April 1985.

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