Libya One flies again!

Last year we reported about Libya's A340-200 5A-ONE (151) restarting its engines and now we can report that the aircraft conducted a two-hour long test flight on 3 May from and to Perpignan. The flight comes after seven years of storage at Perpignan.

The airframe was originally delivered to the Sultan of Brunei as V8-JBB in October 1996 and also flew in Saudi Arabia as HZ-WBT4 for the Kingdom Holding Company between 2000 and 2006 before ending up in Libya.

If it returns to service, it will be the seventh flying A340-200 in the world. According to our database, the other six remaining active A340-200s are:

  • HZ-124 (004), operated by the Saudi Royal Flight
  • HZ-SKY1 (009), operated by Sky Prime
  • A7-HHK (026), operated by Qatar Amiri Flight
  • YV1004 (031), operated by Conviasa
  • SU-GGG (061), operated by the Egypt Government
  • HZ-HMS2 (204), operated by Saudi Royal Flight

Photo by Clément Alloing via Twitter.

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