Earlier this week we reported that the Lufthansa's supervisory board was to vote on a new revised widebody fleet-plan due to a much slower return to normal operations. Part of the plan was the retirement of all four-engined aircraft, except the B747-8s.

Lufthansa has now issued a press-release stating that they will remove their final eight A380s and ten A340-600s from planning and put the planes into long-term storage. The planes will only be reactivated if there is an "unexpected rapid market recovery".

The press-release doesn't mention the airline's remaining 17 A340-300s and seven B747-400s at all, which means these still might have a future in the airline's fleet.

At this moment seven A380s (D-AIMA/B/F/G/J/K/N) are stored at Teruel, while the other seven are still in Germany. All 17 A340-600 are already at Teruel as well. 

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