German aviation site is reporting that Lufthansa is talking with the pilot unions about a simplification of the long-haul fleet

According to the site, the airline is planning to permanently retire all fourteen Airbus A380s, seventeen A340-300s, seventeen A340-600s and their last seven B747-400s. Previously it was already known that seven of their A380s would leave the fleet and that the A340-600s were stored until demand returns. 

Lufthansa is not expecting passenger numbers to be at the same level as in 2019 before 2024 and wants to adapt to the new reality. If the plan moves forward, the long-haul fleet will consist of the A330-300, the A350-900 and the B747-8. However, in 2022 deliveries should commence for their orders for the B777-9 and B787-9.

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