UPDATE: Apparently the news is not true and the Jumbo's are not going to Russia, unfortunately....

According to planespotters.net, Rossiya Airlines has acquired seven British Airways B747-400s. The aircraft involved are the youngest Jumbo's of the BA-fleet. It concerns the following planes:

  • G-BYGA, c/n 28855, currently parked at Kemble
  • G-BYGB, c/n 28856, currently parked at Kemble
  • G-BYGC, c/n 25823, currently parked at Cardiff
  • G-BYGD, c/n 28857, currently parked at Cardiff
  • G-BYGE, c/n 28858, currently parked at Cardiff
  • G-BYGF, c/n 25824, currently parked at Kemble
  • G-BYGG, c/n 28859, currently parked at Cardiff

The B747-400s are planned to be delivered to Russia in October and November. Rossiya currently has a fleet of nine B747-400s, of which two are parked. It is, at this moment, unknown if these new seven are an addition to the fleet or replacement of their current fleet.

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