Start-up Northern Pacific Airways plans 2022 launch

Northern Pacific Airways is a new Alaska-based airline, backed by the owner of Ravn Air. The airline is planning to be a low-cost airline with the goal to connect North American with Asia via Anchorage (AK), mirroring similar business models like Copa Airlines and Icelandair.

NPA plans to fly the B757-200 and is in the process of acquiring its first aircraft. It plans to have up to 12 B757s in operation by 2023. Initially, the airline has set its eyes on flying from Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), New York (NY), Orlando (FL) and San Francisco (CA) to Seoul and Tokyo, with the stop-over in Achorage. Later, the airline wants to expand to other destinations on Asia with larger aircraft as the B757s lacks the range to open these.

Although travellers will be encouraged to also visit Alaska, the scheduled flights will be planned with short connection times for those who just want to fly quickly to their final destination.

Northern Pacific Airways has now started the process for obtaining the needed approvals and licenses and hopes to be launching its first flight in the summer season of 2022.

Illustration by Northern Pacific Airways.


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