EHGR 23.02.2021

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jimmy van drunen
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Scramble Master
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EHGR 23.02.2021

Post by jimmy van drunen »

14:35LT-15:15LT 'Police24' PH-PXX training
17:15LT 'NAF71' G-781 laag langs het veld

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Richard de Florennes
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Scramble Addict
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Re: EHGR 23.02.2021

Post by Richard de Florennes »

Weather: blue sky/few clouds, clear air, some sun, light wind, very mild

(11:15 – 18:45 at various places around the airbase)

AS.532UL 300 Sqn S-445 grey c/s T11:30 L12:17 a3
AS.532UL 300 Sqn S-444 camo c/s T14:00 L15:57 a0

CH-47D 298 Sqn D-106 T11:33 L15:54 a5
CH-47D 298 Sqn D-664 T14:00 L15:57 a0

AH-64D 301 Sqn Q-08 T14:24 L16:25 aX
AH-64D 301 Sqn Q-14 T14:26 L16:27 aX

U-6A SKHV S-9 L12:23 a3
AT-16ND SKHV B-64 L12:27 a1
AT-16ND SKHV B-182 E15:20
S-11.1 SKHV 197/K E12:05
C-130H 336 Sqn G-781 spec c/s A17:15

AS.532UL 300 Sqn S-442 camo c/s T18:09 a0
AS.532UL 300 Sqn S-441 grey c/s T18:27 a3
AS.532UL 300 Sqn S-444 camo c/s T18:28 a3

CH-47D 298 Sqn D-106 T18:09 a0
CH-47D 298 Sqn D-664 T18:37 a1

AH-64D 301 Sqn Q-08 T18:33 a0
AH-64D 301 Sqn Q-14 T18:33 a0
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