Landsberg 29 September - CANCELLED

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Landsberg 29 September - CANCELLED

Post by Thijs »

The first participants are known.

Tornado PA 200 ECR Jagdbombergeschwader 32
Bölkow BO 105 Heeresfliegerwaffenschule
Dornier DO-28 Reservistenkameradschaft Flugdienst
Noratlas Le Noratlas de Provence
Bell UH-1D Lufttransportgeschwader 61
C-160 Transall Lufttransportgeschwader 61
Sea King Marinefliegergeschwader 5
EC-135 Heeresfliegerwaffenschule
L-18 Fliegerclub Landsberg/Lech Penzing e.V.
PA 19 Piper Fliegerclub Landsberg/Lech Penzing e.V.
Fouga Magister Flugwerk GmbH
T-6 North American Flugwerk GmbH
Eurofighter 2000 Jagdgeschwader 74
F-4F Phantom II Jagdgeschwader 74
Challenger 601 FlBschBMVg
A-310 FlBschBMVg
Cougar FlBschBMVg
PA - 200 "grün" Jagdbombergeschwader 31
CH - 53 Laupheim
Me - 109 EADS
Me - 262 EADS
B-25J Mitchell Flying Bulls
Alpha Jet Flying Bulls
Bell Cobra TAH-1F Flying Bulls

Credit: Crudtx & AirbusHandler at Flugzeugforum
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Landsberg 29 september

Post by Een echte spotter »

50 Years LTG 61 will be celebrated that weekend with an airshow.

Check the link on the lower right corner (Scroll down) for more info (German only)
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Post by tonno1970 »

just to let you know,

I received an answer from LTG 61. They say the spotterday list is full.

ciao GP
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Post by TF-104G »

The open day tomorrow is cancelled !! :shock:" onclick=";return false;
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Post by Thijs »

received this mail a few seconds ago.
Der Tag der offenen Tür wurde abgesagt. Die weiteren Termine, wie die Serenade und das Hallenfest finden wie geplant statt.

Nach langen intensiven Gesprächen zwischen Landratsamt Landsberg, Polizei, kommunalen Behörden und Bundeswehr wurde entschieden, den Tag der offenen Tür des Lufttransportgeschwaders 61 am Samstag, dem 29. September 2007 abzusagen, da aufgrund der Wetterlage keine Parkplätze in ausreichender Anzahl zur Verfügung gestellt werden können. Vor diesem Hintergrund kann die öffentliche Sicherheit und Ordnung nicht gewährleistet werden.

Das geplante Hallenfest am 29. September, um 19 Uhr findet wie geplant statt.
Because of the weather no parking space is available(swampy fields). But the planned hallenfest (just ordinary beer drinking, eating sausages en listen to German folk music) will still take place.
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Post by Ergo01 »

Early morning the weather cleared and quite a crowd turned up. Base Commander decided there would a families day. Extended family that is, spotters included. Parking was at base ramps and when these were full, the main runway was used.
Obvously the flying display was not carried out.
Very dirty log (friday&saturday)
C-160: 5010, 5048,5069,5040,5008, 5086, 5099, 5044, 5068, 5006,5110
UH1: 7092, 7051, 7080, 7159, 7099, 7131, 7096, 7172, 7085, 7076, 7147, 7078, 7146, 7137, 7088, 7167, 7079, 7134, 7071, 7132, 7110 (gg), 7089, 7073, 7165
BW: 4503, 4643, 4577 Tornados, 6103 Atlantic, 3866 F4, 8253 EC135, 8448,8402 CH53, 8687, 8663 Bo015, 6006 P3
2409 (CZ), 407 (HU), 1509 (POL) AN26, VQ Fennec, T-340 Cougar, 3370 Hind (CZ)
LB105 Sycamore, GA125 Noraltlas gate guards
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Post by Paul »

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alan Kilham"
Subject: [MSF] LOG: Landsberg. Saturday 29th September 2007

Spent the morning at Landsberg show. Unfortunately the flying display
was cancelled due to that fact that public vehicles had to be parked on
the runway and taxiways due to heavy rainfall in the days preceeding the
show. Thankfully the weather changed for the best and the base was
bathed on glorious autumn sunshine. The show was notable for our
logging of 27 or so based UH-1s (our main reason for visiting the show)

Here is our reasonably quick and extremely 'dirty' report. Additions.
corrections and comments are, as always, encouraged.

Static Area 1
50+48 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
Special colour scheme '50 LTG61 - Für den Frieden'
D-EOGE FW.149D JbG49/Luftwaffe mks Private
D-EDMA Do.27 Luftwaffe cols Private
493357/N6593D/PG-18 AT-6 US Navy marks Private

Static Area 2
38+66 F-4F nn Luftwaffe
45+77 Tornado JBG-33 Luftwaffe
46+43 Tornado ECR JBG-32 Luftwaffe
45+03 Tornado WTD-61 Luftwaffe
Special colour scheme '50 Jahre Flugerprobung'
50+06 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
50+44 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
50+10 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
50+99 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
60+06 P-3C MFG-3 Marine
61+03 Atlantic SIGINT MFG-3 Marine
407 AN-26 MH59.Sz.D.R Hungarian AF
Special colour scheme '25 NATO E-3A Component 1982-2007'
1509 AN-26 nn Polish AF
RA3424K L-39 Camo cols Private

Static Area 3
70+76 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
SAR colour scheme
70+85 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
SAR colour scheme

Static Area 4
70+51 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
SAR colour scheme
71+12 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
71+31 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
71+59 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
Special marks '50 LTG61 - Für den Frieden'
82+53 EC-135 HFWS Luftwaffe
84+02 CH-53G WTD-61 HEER
Special marks 'WTD-61 1957-2007'
84+48 CH-53G (MTHR25) HEER
86+63 Bo.105P1 (KHR26) HEER
86+87 Bo.105P1 demod (HFUS10) HEER
D-HLTO EC-155B1 Bundespolizei
5445/VQ As.555AN CIEH00.341 French AF
3370 Mi-35 nn Czech AF
T-340 AS.532UL nn Swiss AF

On Display next to Sports Field [Public Area]
71+32 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe

Hangar I [Not open to the public]
70+37 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
70+78 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
70+79 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
70+83 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
70+88 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
71+46 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
71+67 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe

Hangar II [Open to public]
30+40 EF.2000 JG-74 Luftwaffe
D-EFTX/475 N2S-4 USAAC marks

Hangar [Open to the public]
50+68 C-160D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
71+65 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe

Hangar [Open to the pubic]
50+89 C-160D LTG-62 Luftwaffe
This aircraft wore LTG-62 marks on the port side of the nose but had
LTG-61 marks applied to the starboard side of the nose to facilitate
'cockpit photos' of visitors.
50+51 C-160D nn Luftwaffe

UH-1 Hangar
[Not open to the public]
70+71 UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe
70+73 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
70+80 UH-1D nn Luftwaffe
70+89 UH-1D nn Luftwaffe
70+92 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
70+96 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
70+99 UH-1D nn Luftwaffe
71+34 UH-1D nn Luftwaffe
71+47 UH-1D nn Luftwaffe
..+.. UH-1D nn Luftwaffe [serial anyone]

Preserved on Base [Accessable to public]
71+10 UH-1D LTG-61 Luftwaffe
'AA+152' Magister Luftwaffe
105+LB Sycamore Mk.52 nn Luftwaffe
'GA+125' Noratlas LTG-61 Luftwaffe
EMOOS says that this is really ex-French AF No.128

Barn in Compound close to UH-1 hangar [Viewable by public]
(..+..) UH-1D No Marks Luftwaffe

plus 6 x C-160Ds parked on the taxiway at the far end of the airfield
[Serials please]

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