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Phalsbourg Heli Air Show 15+16/09

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Is there somebody who has some more information about the participants at this air show. The website isn't updated for some time now concernng the participants.

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Log Phalsbourg 15th Sept 07

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A rough log

Flypast @11:00 (codes only)





The above parked southside and joined

____/___ Couger
____/___ Gazelle
____/CXQ Gazelle
____/ATC Tiger
3992/CWV Gazelle
8727 B105 GAM
H35 A109 Bel Army

Parked Northside on the grass were

2290/CYG Couger
4145/CWO Gazelle
4136/CXH Gazelle
4119/CWU Gazelle


2443/CYC 2430/CZZ 2331/CZI 2633/BJQ 1036/CZP Cougers

4140/CXA 4218/CXO 1451/CWE Gazelles

5602/AYQ AS555
2006/ATD Tiger
2045/JCP AS350
F-ZBPS EC145 Sec Civ
8666 B105 GAM
7081 UH1
H38 A109 Bel Army
A57 AIII Bel Army
T-340 Couger Swiss

Maintainance Hangers (Closed)

EHM3 (from left to right)

4186/CXD Gazelle
4161/CXM Gazelle
____/CWG Gazelle
____/____ Couger
____/__N Gazelle
3860/CWW Gazelle
4210/CWF Gazelle
3459/CXJ Gazelle
____/__F Gazelle
41_4/___ Gazelle


____/CZO Couger

Couger Maintenence Hanger (left to right)





Any additions most welcome
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Some more from the 16th

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S-58C D-HAUG/"PJ+366" HEER mks, ex BAF B-15 (also flying at 12.00h)
EC-155 D-HLTO Bundespolizei
AB.47G.2 F-GDPO ex GAF 74+23
SE.3130 1003/F-GIJE ex ALAT
Gazelle (..../CWO) G.I. in hangar 6 (serial and code removed, but code still visible)
Yak-52 RA-1012K
UH-1 or Bell.204/5 on trailer rebuild to bar "Mixery"
(this trailer came from Bernkasel-Kues, anybody a clue about it's history?)

One of the four Puma's I read the 16th as code CZI. Can anyone confirm?

And flying was Mi-2 RA-2248K (mil history??)

Erik Kamphuis
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Melchior Timmers
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Re: Some more from the 16th

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erik_kamphuis wrote: Gazelle (..../CWO) G.I. in hangar 6 (serial and code removed, but code still visible)

One of the four Puma's I read the 16th as code CZI. Can anyone confirm?

And flying was Mi-2 RA-2248K (mil history??)

Erik Kamphuis
The Gazelle was 1403, readable at the construction number plate in the cockpit and the "removed" serial on the nose.

The Puma's on the other side were: 1171/CZA ,1073/CZN (brown) CZH and CZS (but these were read on the 15th...)

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Post by Bruno »

Some pics here:" onclick=";return false;

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Phalsbourg Hangars + Farside 16th

Puma Hangars from left to right:
1447/CZG Puma
1204/CZV Puma
1136/CZE Puma
1092/CZQ Puma

Hangar most to the right
3862/CWN Gazelle
4059/CXB Gazelle

Hangar EHM 3A
4186/CXD Gazelle
4228/CXN Gazelle
4227/CXR Gazelle
..../... Puma (in the leftcorner)

Hangar EHM 3B
3860/CWW Gazelle
1327/CWG Gazelle
4210/CWF Gazelle
4161/CXM Gazelle

Hangar EHM 3C
3459/CXJ Gazelle
4039/CXF Gazelle
4194/CXX Gazelle

Hangar EHM1H
1213/CZO Puma

Hangar Farside
..../CYB Cougar
..../CYH Cougar
2293/BJG Cougar

Farside Ramp
2003/ATC Tigre
3(5)47/ATY Gazelle read as 3947
3996/CXE Gazelle
(1281)/CXP Gazelle
..../CWB Gazelle
3992/CWV Gazelle (old code AFL) DID DEMO DISPLAY
1508/CWA Gazelle
1518/CXQ Gazelle
H35 A109
87+27 Bo105
1190/CZH Puma

+ the ones that did the flypast at 1100hrs Sundaymorning

Puma's/Cougar's : 1171/CZA, 1073/CZN, 1182/CZS, 2446/CYD, 2427/CZY
Gazelle's : 1252/CWD, 4145/CWO, (3858)/CWQ, 4034/CWT, 4119/CWU, 4072/CWX
Gazelle flying Solo : 4136/CXH

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Overview Gazelles flying+overside

Post by erik_kamphuis »

After putting some logs together (from Scramble/Touchdown and myself) I made the following list from the Gazelles at the overside :

Sunday 16th flypast at 11.00h:

CWD/1252 (+15th)
CWQ/3858 or 3868 (+15th)
CWT/4034 (+15th)
CWX/4072 (+15th)
CXH/4136 (solo display)

Overside 16th:
CWA/1508 (+15th) code read myself
CWB/1281 or 4231
CXE/3996 (+15th) code read myself
CXP/(1281?) code read myself (+15th in flypast)

Those are 12 Gazelles (off 15 we counted on the 16th)

Gazelles only mentioned Saturday 15th:
In the flypast: CWP/(4179) and CWV/3992 as solo display
Overside: CXQ/1518
Those are 3, so we got our 15 Gazelle serials?

Cougar Horizon CZY was flying both days.
Cougar CYD 16th (the 15th it was CYQ)
Puma’s both days: CZA, CZN (brown), CZS, CZH

Some strange things in the Touchdown logs:
Gazelle CWQ was read as 3858 but a seriallist from the base (from that weekend) gives 3868!
Also CWB is mentioned as 4231, but the baselist gives 1281 !!!
For CXP gives Touchdown 1281, but the baselist gives for 1281 code CWB!

The hangars at the carparking we got some serials from a Brittish spotter and read some ourself:
in EHM3C: we got 4154/CXY, but other logs give 4194/CXX
in EHM3B: we got 1310/CXF (code was not sure) but other logs give 4210/CWF (as in the baselist), we had 3860/CXW but this should be code CWW.
in EHM3A: next to Gazelles CXD and CXM and the uncoded Puma we had 4..6/..A, but which one is this?? Touchdown logs gives 4227/CXR and 4228/CXN also present in this hangar!

Hope someone can help and can confirm the flying/overside Gazelles from sunday the 16th!

Erik Kamphuis
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PDF 0-9


who knows the serials from 0-9
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