XXV Squadron Enthusiasts Day 29 March (RAF Leeming)

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Flightline UK
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XXV Squadron Enthusiasts Day 29 March (RAF Leeming)

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Tickets are now available for the 25(F) Squadron Enthusaists Day on 29th March. Payment is voluntary with the suggested donation being £30. Visitors will not only get access to a photocall of RAF and NATO aircraft, but also access to a Hardened Aircraft Shelter completed with QRA Tornado F3 and a behind the scenes look at life at 25(F) Squadron. More details can be found on the events website:-

http://www.25squadron.org.uk/enthusiasts-Day/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Confirmed participants so far include:-

* 11(F) Squadron Typhoon F2/T1A
* 29(R) Squadron Typhoon F2/T1A
* IX(B) Squadron Tornado GR4
* 12(B) Squadron Tornado GR4
* 43(F) Squadron Tornado F3
* 100 Squadron Hawk T1
* 23 Squadron Sentry AEW1
* 55(R) Squadron Dominie T1

Amongst the aircraft invited there are some overseas participants including Norwegian and Belgian F-16s and French Mirage 2000D.
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Wijgert IJlst
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For folks who did not click the link to the site, it's on RAF Leeming.
Kind Regards / Groeten,

Wijgert IJlst
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Piet Luijken
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ZG751 HI Tornado F3 25(F)sq in hangar
G-BZNW K2048 Isaacs Fury in front of hangar
ZE728 FZ Tornado F3 25(F)sq in front of hangar
ZJ939 DXI Typhoon FGR4 XI(F)sq in QRA hangar
ZE969 FH Tornado F3 25(F)sq in QRA hangar
XV236 36 Nimrod MR2 120sq KinlossWing
E-007 F-16AM nb
ET-614 F-16BM nb
ZJ935 DJ Typhoon F2 XI(F)sq
37+75 F-4F JG71
MM7025 6-05 Tornado IDS 6St
MM7038 6-37 Tornado IDS 6St
ZG772 WJ Tornado F3 56(R)sq
XV499 I Phantom FGR2 preserved
ZF243 43 Tucano T1 207(R)sq 1FTS
XS711 L Dominie T1 55(R)sq
43+98 Tornado IDS AG51
ZA543 FF Tornado GR4 12(B)sq special c/s
ZG480 70 Harrier GR7 1(F)sq
ZJ910 BV Typhoon F2 29(R)sq
ZJ813 BL Typhoon T1 29(R)sq
657 33-NA Mirage F1CR ER02.033
641 33-NI Mirage F1CR ER02.033
XX313 313 Hawk T1W 208(R)sq 4FTS
XX285 Hawk T1A 100sq special c/s

The first day of this Spotting Season started with this small event. In the morning we arrived by rental car from Teesside airport and had some problem finding the correct entry. Only after seeing lots of AED sign on our way to the main gate we finally understood their meaning as they were saying Aircraft Enthusiast Day. At the gate we showed our passes and received quite a lot of brochures about the XXV(F) sq. Quite nice.

The weather forecasts were quite dreary but we arrived in sunshine, although a dark frontal cloud formation showed the chance of rain in the afternoon. A quick pass along the static would be needed to get the planes in the still available sunshine.

Especialaly nice was the Tornado positioned near one of the shelters. The planes were wellplaced and a barrier with some small white ropes was placed at a good distance.

At noon the sun had disappeared so it was time for a hamburger and a visit to the Elvington Museum.

Thanks XXV squadron for this nice day and excellent organization.

Piet Luijken
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