Tripod advice requested

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Tripod advice requested

Post by Homer »


Although not meant for photography, I guess this is the best forum to ask ;-)

I want a new tripod for my spotting scope (60x magnification).
As I have absolutely no experience with 'quality' tripods, maybe you guys can help me on my way.

As said, I have no idea where to start, but my requirements and wishes are;
  • Stable
  • Max height at least 1.70 meters (and still stable)
  • Lightweight
  • Quick release preferred
  • Cheap ;-) (second hand no objection)
(and I know 'stable' and 'lightweight' are conflicting requirements)

Already had a look around, but as soon as they started about the different types of the head, I lost it :-(

What brands are OK, and which are better avoided? What are the different types of those heads and what are there pros and cons? Any other things I need to think about?


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John Rambo
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Re: Tripod advice requested

Post by John Rambo »


I do have little experience with tripods, I bought my first one in january, but I think that Manfrotto is a good brand. I bought a 028B tripod for my camera and I am very happy with it. It is very stable but also very heavy. Maybe you can start by having a look at their website and compare what they offer. ... 69&child=1 ... ivid=68|69

Mine weights 4 kilo's, and can reach 217cm in height but is very, very stable in my opinion. Some months ago I borrowed another Manfrotto tripod from a friend of mine and it was less stable. I think it was the 055XB, these are only 2 kilo's in weight. I don't know exactly if you need a special tripod for your scope or if it's the same as camera tripods.
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