9/11 modelling

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9/11 modelling

Post by Ice_Rocket »

Hi guys,
This is my first post, my name is Alfredo and I'm a 21yo civil engineering student from Italy.
Sorry If i post in the wrong place.

As I've done in other boards, I'll ask to you question about ANG on 9/11.
For avoid misunderstooding, I have this kind of curiosity because I'm a modelist and I like to model the aircrafts that was in the air on 9/11.
For remembering reason.
For example I've done two F-15s from Otis and three F-16s from Langley, all the four hijacked airplans, the Falcon 20 N3VF...
Now, I'm searching for infos about
1) the F-16B flown by Maj. Gibney from Fargo to pick-up Mr. Jacoby in Montana.
2) the F-16s from Andrews
3) the F-16s from Toledo
4) the F-16s from Syracuse

The infos that I'm searching for, are for modeling purpose, so I would like to know tail numbers and configurations.
Can you help me?
Thanks so much
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