Aviano - LIPA 13/04/18

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Aviano - LIPA 13/04/18

Post by tonno1970 »

Thanks to Banter who posted an head up i was able to catch these two SJ for fuelstop in Aviano inbound EGUL

Image180413_LIPA_F15E_SJ_890501_334FS_2 by Giampaolo Tonello, su Flickr

Image180413_LIPA_F15E_SJ_890501_334FS by Giampaolo Tonello, su Flickr

Image180413_LIPA_F15E_SJ_881671_334FS_1 by Giampaolo Tonello, su Flickr

Image180413_LIPA_F15E_SJ_881671_334FS_2 by Giampaolo Tonello, su Flickr

Many thanks I owe you a beer....
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Re: Aviano - LIPA 13/04/18

Post by panadero »

Great catch! :good:
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Re: Aviano - LIPA 13/04/18

Post by muma07 »

...Tonno, the best one !
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Re: Aviano - LIPA 13/04/18

Post by zerofive »

Tonno pinna gialla i 15
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