Nellis AFB 'Red Flag' 12-2 UPDATED

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Re: Nellis AFB 'Red Flag' 12-2 UPDATED

Post by raameagle »

Great pictures! Did anyone photograph the US Navy MH-60 that arrived on Thursday lunchtime last week as I'm hoping to tie up the BuNo? It didn't appear to carry any code!

Regards and thanks

Airshow Action
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Re: Nellis AFB 'Red Flag' 12-2 UPDATED

Post by Airshow Action »

this one...? :wink:

Peter Steehouwer
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Re: Nellis AFB 'Red Flag' 12-2 UPDATED

Post by Melchior Timmers »


Nice report on a week Red Flag, next time I'll have to plan some extra days too...

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