Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 MIL

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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 MIL

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Zonan wrote:Did they change their callsigns?
During the formation they flew as NEPTUNE1 to 4
Since NEPTUNE is used by the Nh-90, and this was a missing man for the lost one.....
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 MIL

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Osprey66 wrote:Redskin23-formation just did a low approach.
3rd Day in a row AH-64's pass over, only this time after a sad occasion
As coming in from the north these were presumed break-up after 'Missing (wo)man' near EHDP / EDLV
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Actually this was another flight. Believe I read those Apaches are training GCA Approaches as Gilze Rijen was/is unable to provide that kind of service.
Missing man formation was Neptune flight and they returned after the flypast to Gilze.
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 MIL

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Duke21 UC-35 99-00102 paid a visit
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