INFO Bucharest Banasea airport

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INFO Bucharest Banasea airport

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Hello again;
Further to my last report, I have just returned from the walk to Banasea from the hotel, around a 5 mile round trip. Wasted my time unfortunately. Despite some reports I read from a few years ago, saying that it was possible to spot from both the car park to the side of the terminal and inside the terminal itself, this is no longer the case. The car park has hessian type mesh and a double fence and the terminal is now for GA only and no access unless with business there.
I walked down the side of the airport alongside the dual carriageway and everything can be seen but not possible to read off as security huts every 100 metres or so plus double mesh fencing and big signs everywhere saying go away basically! I tried a couple of furtive shots but as I suspected, the camera focussed on the fences instead of the aircraft. The only thing I could read off without optical aids was Be350 YR-CAA.
Further up this road behind a Kia dealership and a petrol station are a 707 and N933AS ex Alaska Airlines MD-83. I couldn’t id the 707 as there was vegetation up the rear third of the aircraft, anybody know? Again, there was no access to get up close to these as they were fenced off.

Regards clive.
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Re: INFO Bucharest Banasea airport

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B707 is ex Omega Air N707LG
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