Skrydstrup 2020

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Re: Skrydstrup 2020

Post by Herby »

The other Danish F-16 will not get the Have Glass F-35 painting of E-005 and so it only will show this special colour scheme in the next few years.
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Re: Skrydstrup 2020

Post by ETNG83 »

Log from 20.10.20 10:30-14:45

in order of t/o

Morning wave:
E-596,597 DEMON1-2
E-601 HAMMER107
E-018,ET-615,E-607,ET-197 BADION?1-4
E-016,600,610,609 PISTOL1-4

Afternoon wave:
QRA E-189,191 "Dannebrog" MOONBEAM1-2

E-601 HAMMER26
E-596,597,608 DEMON1-3
ET-615,614,197,199 PISTOL1-4
E-018,607,600,610 TIGER1-4

E-606 pushed to maintenance
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