LOG & PICS Lagos Thursday 19th June 2014

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LOG & PICS Lagos Thursday 19th June 2014

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Hello once again from Lagos;
Down here once again for a week this time. Of interest this morning was Dana Air MD-80 5N-DEV departing Lagos using it’s reg as callsign instead of the usual Dana callsign and it had an American pilot on the radio in place of the usual Nigerian voice. Maybe it is leaving the Dana fleet? There is also a comment on an African internet forum that there are two further Dana Air MD-80 parked up with engines and other various bits removed. 5N-JOY arrived today on a Dana callsign so….
Both Azman Air and Discovery Air are now using their respective call signs in place of their previous flights using the registrations as callsigns so that suggests full passenger ops. Apparently Air Peace has yet to receive their AOC.
Interestingly, there was a Chanchangi Airlines arrival today, see below. 8 crew and no Pax, I assume this was a delivery flight although they are going backwards, a 732 opposed to the 733 they previously operated…
Parked on the end of the international pier is an all white A340 9M-XAC. I assume this is still operated by Air AsiaX as it wears a Malaysian flag on the forward fuselage and “Wakanow.com” titles on the port side, Wakanow being a Nigerian travel company. It is being used to transport the Nigerian world cup fans to Brazil.
When I first started flying into here, back in 2008, the airport authorities had started to construct an extension to the current freight apron taking it from it’s official 4 stands, to 8 stands. Halfway through laying the foundations, the money for the project “disappeared” as is commonly the case here in Nigeria, and construction stopped. The area was then left and nature once again took hold and one would ever know that anything had ever happened! Imagine my surprise after a 3 week hiatus to find the area has been cleared once again and construction underway.

Lagos Thursday 19th June 2014:
5N-BJT BMI, BQK Bristows Nigeria S-76’s.
5N-BKU, BKV Arik Air DH8D’s.
5N-BLC AeroContractors 735 in partial “Nigerian Eagle” colours: https://www.flickr.com/photos/superspotter/14457868264/
5N-BLD, BLG, BOB, BOC, BPR, BQL AeroContractors 737’s.
5N-BMN Bristows Nigeria S-92.
5N-BNE 125.
5N-BNQ Associated Aviation 727F.
5N-BOI, BOX, CML Caverton Helicopters AW139’s.
5N-BOQ Ce560.
5N-BPB, BQM Med-View Airlines 737’s.
5N-BPD As355 Squirrel.
5N-BPF Overland Airways AT7.
5N-BQA CHC Nigeria AW139.
5N-BQP Discovery Air 737.
5N-BQT Air Peace Do328, was noted taxying around the airport.
5N-BRG DANA Be1900.
5N-DAL LJ45.
5N-DEV, JAI, JOY Dana Air MD-82’s.
5N-DOW DANA Do328.
5N-FNE First Nation A319.
5N-HAI, YSM Azman Air 737’s.
5N-IZB Chanchangi Airlines 732 ex ZS-IAD but still using the South African hexcode of 009534. Pretty sure this was its initial arrival for Chanchangi.
5N-JEA, JED Arik Air CRJ900’s.
5N-JIC, JID Arik Air A330’s.
5N-MJC, MJD, MJE, MJG, MJH, MJK, MJN, MJO, MJQ Arik Air 737’s.
5N-MPA Mobil Oil Be1900.
5N-JRT, OTT, RKT Allied Air Cargo 734F’s
5N-YYY 125.
5Y-KYD Kenya Airways 738.
9G-AFB Africa World Airways E145.
9G-AGL Air Ghana/DHL 734F.
9M-XAC Air Asia X A340 all white except for Wakanow.com titles on the port side, Nigeria world cup fan duties: https://www.flickr.com/photos/superspotter/14457622512/
A6-AGB Etihad A330.
A6-DDB Etihad Cargo 77F.
A6-ENK Emirates 773.
A7-AEI Qatar Airways A330.
D-AIKL Lufthansa A330.
D-ASTA Gambia Bird A319.
ET-ANG, AOK Asky 737’s.
ET-APY Ethiopian Airlines 772.
ET-AQE, AQF Asky DH8D’s.
F-GZCA Air France A330.
G-CIVX British Airways 744.
G-VGAS Virgin A346.
M-FUAD G550.
N1610D Delta 763.
N20904 United 787.
N2208L Ce680.
N408MC Atlas Air 744F.
N577DA CL6.
N605DA CL6.
N605JF CL6.
N827SA 125.
NAF-913, 917 Nigerian Air Force C-130’s.
SU-GCM Egyptair 738.
ZS-OVR Solenta/DHL AT4F.
ZS-PPH 125.

Regards clive
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