Swartkop AFB (FASK) - 2019

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Swartkop AFB (FASK) - 2019

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LOG 4sep2019

in preparations for the Air SHow on Saturday 7sep2019, seen were:

15, 22/ZU-CXW SE3130 SAAF Museum HF flying
628 SA316B SAAF Museum HF flying
7024/ZU-AOO, 7306/ZU-AOV, 7028/ZU-AOP Harvard IIA HCSA flying
2020/3, 2013/1, 2017/2 PC-7 MkII CFS/Silver Falcons flying
2017/2 PC-7 MkII CFS/Silver Falcons
nn PC-7 MkII CFS/Silver Falsons in hangar
96 Wasp HAS1 SAAF Museum static
309 SA321L SAAF Museum static
nn SA330 SAAF Museum static no id on aircraft
8026 CN235M-10 SAAF Museum static
4202034/34 Mi-24A SAAF Museum static ex AlgerianAF SU-97
683 XH-2 Rooivalk SAAF Museum static
1065 MB326K SAAF Museum, plus all other museum aircraft under sheds
809 Mirage 3CZ SAAF Museum stored
577 MB326M SAAF Museum stored
337 C-160Z SAAF Museum static
1419 B707-328C SAAF Museum static
969/ZU-CWZ C-4M SAAF Museum HF flying
920 AM-3C SAAF Museum HF flying
7480/ZU-DML Harvard III SAAF Museum HF flying
7675/ZU-CXX AT-6A SAAF Museum HF flying
7231 Harvard IIA SAAF Museum HF flying
175 SA330L SAAF Museum HF flying
263 Hawk Mk120 85CFS flying
3916 JAS39C 2sq flying
190 XTP-1 SAAF Museum near museum
710 Ce185A SAAF Museum HF near museum

4002 A109LUH ex 87HFS no rotor
4024 A109LUH ex 17sq no rotor
4006 A109LUH stored after crash
4021 A109LUH stored

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