Oman Air Force retires Jaguar fleet

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Oman Air Force retires Jaguar fleet

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The Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) has held a ceremony to mark the retirement of its fleet of SEPECAT Jaguar attack aircraft at the Al-Shafaq Club in Seeb, the Oman News Agency reported on 16 October.

It added that the Jaguars, which had been in RAFO service for nearly 37 years, were being replaced by new Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters.

Earlier this year the RAFO began receiving the first of the 12 F-16C/D multi-role fighters it ordered in 2011. These aircraft are joining the 12 F-16C/Ds that the RAFO has had in service since 2006.

Reports in 2011 that the RAFO was replacing the wings on 20 of its Jaguars suggested it intended to keep them in service for far longer.
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