08may2018: "Tiger, tiger"! RAF Puma new color scheme, 230sqn

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08may2018: "Tiger, tiger"! RAF Puma new color scheme, 230sqn

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https://www.facebook.com/RAFBenson/post ... 7559276128
As we know some of our images have been sneaking out
about the paint scheme for the 230 Squadron and the Royal Air Force centenaries,
we will officially unveil it early
so all the hard work of the team is not undone.

There are so many features on the aircraft that make it truly unique including:

- tiger stripes all over plus decals on the nose and rear of the cabin in honour of 230 Squadron's heritage as a Tiger Squadron

- decals of the #RAF100 logo on the tail and cockpit door to mark the centenary of the RAF

- grey in colour like other RAF air mobility assets to highlight the key role the Puma Force play
in battlefield and humanitarian operations, delivering vital aid, equipment and personnel

We think they all combine to give an incredibly eye-catching aircraft that commemorates
100 years of the Squadron and RAF,
celebrates current activities and hopefully inspires the next generation!

Images by Sgt Rachel Malthouse
You know who/which page to credit now...




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Re: 08may2018: "Tiger, tiger"! RAF Puma new color scheme, 23

Post by dverhees »

Wow, it looks great. I'm now praying to the maintenance gods!! Cheers, Don
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