ETAR 28-02-2016

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ETAR 28-02-2016

Post by fire28 »

Anyone have a list of current C17s at Ramstein? Trying to tie up some loose ends.

Looking mainly for any Dover, McGuire or Wright Patterson.

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Stephan Lodewijks
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Re: C17s at Ramstein

Post by Stephan Lodewijks »

I know of two Dutchies that made a day's trip to RS today, so with a little luck they can help you later.

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Re: C17s at Ramstein

Post by TvanD »

Noted today at ETAR so far, too bad you couldnt join us Stefan :)

96-0005 "Steward" C-17A
95-0104 "Memphis"
05-5143 "Wright Patt" dep 14:03u
*07-7186 "Charleston" dep 13:45u
*01-0187 "Mc Chord"
04-4133 "Mc Guire" dep 14:11u
63-8035 "Alabama" KC-135R
08-8601/RS dep ~13:20? "Herky99" heading north
*R87/61-ZE C-160F ET00.061 AdlA arr 10:45 dep ..:..
08-8191 "Charleston" C-17A arr 13:05u
87-0041 "Westover" C-5B arr 13:10u
N412MC Boeing 747 arr 13:13
08-8195 "Mc Chord" C-17A arr 13:27
99-0059 "Mc Chord" C-17A arr 13:50
08-8197 "Mc Chord C-17A arr 14:02u
*89-1185 "The last frontier" C-130H 144th AS US ANG arr 15:50u
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