ETAR 25-08-2021

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ETAR 25-08-2021

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All, I have asked JetStar2 to resubmit his list, which he willingly did. To avoid further discussion, this topic will be locked.
Please aks yourself, if applicable, what the use of negative comments to the sharing of any kind of information is. It doesn't help anyone, really. Apart from that, it is simply not allowed on this board under Basic rule C.8. Enjoy,

JetStar2 wrote: Ramstein expected 25-8-2021:

xxxx-0340 A7-BAS B777-300 Qatar
0500-xxxx N819AX B777-200 Omni
0650-1035 N1201P B767-300 Delta
0750-1005 N2331U B777-300 United
Xxxx-0755 N312AA B767-200 ABX
1010-xxxx EC-NLJ A321 Privilege
1150-xxxx N737AT B737BBJ HWA
1235-xxxx N464MC B747-400 Atlas
1305-xxxx RCH617 C17 70047
1420-1520 A7-BEB B777-300 Qatar
1425-xxxx RCH618 C17 21108
1555-1820 A7-BAW B777-300 Qatar
1705-xxxx N471MC B747-400 Atlas
1710-xxxx RCH635 C17 66164
1830-xxxx N504DN A350 Delta
1840-xxxx N649GT B767-300 Atlas
1920-xxxx N641GT B767-300 Atlas

(subject to change, cancellation, etc)
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