ETAR 27-08-2021

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ETAR 27-08-2021

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ADSB just showed Singapore AF A-330 (#762) arriving
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Re: ETAR 27-08-2021

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Visitor wrote: 27 Aug 2021, 16:06 ADSB just showed Singapore AF A-330 (#762) arriving
This A330-243MRTT has been reported as being active in the Afghan evacuation.

On a side note, BBC footage shows a tent city sprung up on the north-western portion of Ramp 3. So aircraft parking must have been affected here.
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Re: ETAR 27-08-2021

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Went for a day out to RS yesterday. Very busy. I only logged mil, but still, could well have missed something. Any additions / corrections are welcome. Highlight of course was the Singapore AF tanker!
88-0266 C-17A 437AW arr10.15 RCH658
90-0534 C-17A 437AW arr15.10 RCH889
95-0104 C-17A 164AW arr11.24
95-0106 C-17A 62AW arr11.00 RCH813
96-0002 C-17A 437AW arr14.30 RCH684
97-0047 C-17A 437AW dep11.40
97-0048 C-17A 445AW
98-0053 C-17A 62AW arr09.35 dep16.20 RCH653
98-0054 C-17A 437AW dep09.45 arr15.23 RCH377
99-0060 C-17A 62AW dep13.35 RCH643
99-0062 C-17A 437AW dep06.20 RCH664
00-0171/AK C-17A dep06.20 RCH627
00-0180 C-17A 911AW
00-0181 C-17A 167AW
01-0191 C-17A 436AW dep10.20 RCH689
02-1106 C-17A 62AW dep06.45 RCH378
02-1107 C-17A 145AW arr09.40 RCH894
02-1108 C-17A 62AW arr10.35 MOOSE98
05-5151/HH C-17A 15WG arr06.00 RCH171
06-6164 C-17A 60AMW
07-7172 C-17A 60AMW arr12.35 RCH638
07-7177 C-17A 436AW arr13.30 RCH624
07-7188 C-17A 437AW arr12.30
08-8197 C-17A 62AW arr08.10 RCH646
08-8203 C-17A 62AW arr11.33 RCH214
09-9207 C-17A 437AW
09-9208 C-17A 437AW arr10.10 RCH818
92-1451 C-130H 182AW dep HKY330
07-8608/RS C-130J 86AW
07-8609/RS C-130J 86AW
07-8614/RS C-130J 86AW dep07.30 HKY768
08-3176/RS C-130J 86AW
08-8603/RS C-130J 86AW
11-5736/RS C-130J 86AW
16-5840/RS C-130J 86AW
95-0121/GA E-8C dep08.35 arr REDEYE8
762 A-330 Singapore AF arr15.30 SINGA80
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