ETAD 29-08-2018

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ETAD 29-08-2018

Post by Elmar »

Surprised not to see a topic about the 29th yet... with so many (mostly dutch) spotters around.
It looks like there are a few spotters left that share their logs with others. (Or is it a fact that are less numbercrunchers...?)
I see a lot of questions (at this MB or in various mailing lists) about what people 'missed' or 'could not read' instead of showing their log so others can make additions. I my opinion thats the way to do it..

Well..having said's mine, seen untill around 1200lt:

C-5M 86-0017 436th AW on ramp
KC-135R 60-0366 141st ARS NJ ANG on ramp
KC-135R 57-1451 151st ARS TN ANG arr as Rch412
B747 N919CA arr as CMB348
A-400M (16-0055) 221Filo overhead to ELLX

F-22's in order of departure Trend51-56:
05-4101/TY, 04-4080/TY, (05-4088/TY, 05-4089/TY, 05-4094/TY, 05-4104/TY)
Can anyone confirm the last four?

local F-16's:
90-0813/SP, 90-0833/SP, 91-0342/SP, 91-0343/SP, 91-0352/SP, 91-0358/SP, 91-0403/SP, 91-0407/SP, 91-0412/SP, 91-0418/SP,
91-0472/SP, 92-3918/SP, 96-0080/SP
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Re: ETAD 29-08-2018

Post by KEFLAVIK69 »

Elmar, those last four TY's are confirmed. In addition F-16's 91-361/SP and 96-083/SP flew.
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Re: ETAD 29-08-2018

Post by MyOneOFour »

We had KC-135T 58-0050 of the 6th AMW coming in around 15.00 hrs local also on the 29th.
And C-12U-3 84-00157 belonging to 1-214th AVN dit a short stop half an hour before the tanker.
Grtz, Michael
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