Illesheim ETIK MIL 2020

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leonard van T
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Scramble Die-Hard
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Illesheim ETIK MIL 2020

Post by leonard van T »

September 13th
14-20700 HH-60M C/6-101st AVN
Only one helicopter present this day.

Serial by Fred , Erwin and me

Patrick Moonen
Scramble Junior
Scramble Junior
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Re: Illesheim ETIK MIL 2020

Post by Patrick Moonen »

31-10-2020 Illesheim - Storck barracks

04-08709 CH-47F B 1-168th Avn/Oregon ArNG
08-08774 CH-47F B 1-168th Avn/Oregon ArNG
08-08776 CH-47F B 1-168th Avn/Oregon ArNG
09-08784 CH-47F B 1-168th Avn/Oregon ArNG
10-08802 CH-47F B 1-168th Avn/Oregon ArNG
13-08141 CH-47F B 6-101st Avn
14-08162 CH-47F B 6-101st Avn
17-08238 CH-47F B 6-101st Avn
90-26294 UH-60L A 6-101st Avn
92-26445 UH-60L A 6-101st Avn
93-26486 UH-60L A 6-101st Avn
99-26831 UH-60L A 6-101st Avn
99-26832 UH-60L A 6-101st Avn
07-20091 UH-60M 5-101st Avn
11-20430 UH-60M 5-101st Avn
14-20700 HH-60M C 6-101st Avn
14-20702 HH-60M C 6-101st Avn
15-20759 HH-60M C 6-101st Avn
15-20767 HH-60M C 6-101st Avn
14-03024 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
14-03025 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
14-03027 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
14-03028 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
14-03039 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
16-03086 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
17-03118 AH-64E A 1-101st Avn
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