EGKK 31-01-2010

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EGKK 31-01-2010

Post by Darrenbizman »

31st January visiters

LN-KKS 737-33A Norwegian Air Shuttle
G-EZFR A319-111 Easyjet
G-OOPH A321-211 First Choice/Thomson
G-EZDK A319-111 Easyjet
G-EZAX A319-111 Easyjet
UR-GAK 737-5Y0 Ukraine Interational Airlines
N277AY A330-323X US Airways
G-JECY Dash 8-400 Flybe
4O-AOP Fokker FK100 Montenegro Airlines
G-EZDF A319-111 Easyjet
EI-DEM A320 Aer Lingas
EI-DWD 737-8AS Ryanair
5A-ONH A330-202 Afriqiyah Aiways
G-EZTF A320-214 Easyjet
A6-EBO 777-36NER Emirates EK015/16
G-CELS 737-377 Jet
YL-BBJ 737-33Q Air Baltic
EI-EKA 737-8AS Ryanair
G-STRZ 757-258 Ghana Airways
LN-DYA 737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle
SE-RHV 737-36N Viking Airlines
G-YMMF 777-236ER British Airways
G-EZIA A319-111 Easyjet
SE-RHX 737-86N Viking Airlines
D-AHIM A319-112 Hamburg International Airlines
EW-251PA 737-5Q8 Belavia Belarusian Airlines
G-FBEL Embrear 195-200LR Flybe
G-FBEE Embrear 195-200LR Flybe
G-EZTL A320-214 Easyjet
G-OZBS A321-231 Monarch Airlines
G-EZFF A319-111 Easyjet
EI-DPL 737-8AS Ryanair
G-JECU Dash 8-402 Flybe
S2-AEU MD-83 United Airways
OY-MRH 737-7L9 Cimber Sterling Air
G-NIKO A321-211 Thomas Cook Airlines


CS-DUB 125 Hawker 750 Netjets Europe NJE077R dep 0753
N560TH Ce560XL arr 0929 dep 1121
CS-DMT Be400XP Netjets Europe NJE106F arr 1723 dep 2032 as NJE608K
CS-DXV Ce560XLS Netjets Europe NJE554A arr 1917