EGKK 28-02-2010

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EGKK 28-02-2010

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London Gatwick (EGKK).
Sunday, 28th February 2010.

C-FAKB Bombardier DHC-6-300, Flightline Investments Inc (MSN273)
* Trans Maldivian Airways (TMW)-cs.
C-FEXZ Bombardier DHC-8-314, Voyageur Airways Ltd (MSN319)
* United Nations-cs.
* VC0801, ATA: 16:43lt./LIPO-EGKK
* VC0801, ATD: 17:55lt./EGKK-EGPK

Maintenance Area 1

G-BPEC Boeing 757-200, British Airways
* Standard-cs, minus-tl.
* BA9251, ATA: 13:09lt./EGLL-EGKK
G-CPEL Boeing 757-200, British Airways
* Standard-cs, minus-tl.