Fighter World Museum Australia

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Fighter World Museum Australia

Post by mm12bva »

Visited this small and compact museum a couple weeks ago whilst in Sydney
The museum is about 2 hours driver north of the city on the edge of Williamtown airbase or Newcastle Airport
it cost 15AUD to get in and although not a vast amount of aircraft its well worth the effort
as said the museum is compact so these shots do not do the aircraft the justice they deserve

ImageComonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk32 RAAF A94-959

ImageFighter World Museum

ImageGAF Mirage IIIO(F) RAAF A3-3

ImageFighter World Museum

ImageComonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 RAAF A94-951

ImageMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM VH-XXI/U2146

ImageDe Havilland (Australia) DH.100 Vampire F.30 RAAF A79-1

ImageGAF Mirage IIIO(D) RAAF A3-102 A
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