W&R in Croatia

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W&R in Croatia

Post by CUJO »

Hey everybody,

I spent a few days in wonderful Croatia and saw the following W&R according to EMOOS14:

Cakovci 03.08.15:
The An-2R is gone (about two month ago) and went to Vukovar.

Cazma-Gabrovnica 03.08.15:
T-33B 10250 is still present (all silver, serial very faded but readable on the left side of the tail)

Gornja Stubica 01.08.15:
MiG-21bis (125) is still present (camo c/s, no serial carried)

Osijek-Cepin 03.08.15:
An-2R 9A-BHV is still present at airport (yellow c/s, no c/n found)
I didn't saw the other aircraft mentioned, but I had no time to check the airport.

Otocac 02.08.15:
C-47B 71255 is still present at the field behind a fenced-in compound.
"349296" is also visible on the tail, this is its former serial (43-49296), when it was in service with the French Air Force (although used in the RAF as KK107, before tranferred to the FAF). More of it here: http://achtungskyhawk.com/2010/08/13/da ... -revealed/
Also in the compound was the camouflaged fuselage (lying on its side, resting on the tailrudder) and the wings of an (R)F-84G - 10686 from Zeljava ??

Turanj 02.08.15:
MiG-21bis (126) is still present (camo c/s, no serial carried)
Also the remains of a ex JRV MiG-21bis (17130) in silver c/s, no serial found.

Vukovar 03.08.15:
MiG-21bis 107 is still present. The serial is painted on the aircraft.
Also present was An-2R 9A-BHT, which arrived according to the museum personal about two month ago from Cakovci.
I didn't find any c/n on or in the aircraft. I was told it should be repainted in Croatian AF c/s soon.

Zagrep - Technicki Muzej 02.08.15:
All according to EMOOS14, except two changes:
Cijan Trojka C-3 (0777) YU-CGT in former JRV c/s (except the serial, taken from http://www.eurodemobbed.org.uk/mobile/i ... ation=5455
I didn't saw:
UT-2 0333/YU-CGL

Zeljava 02.08.15:
C-47A 71212 is still present
F-84G 10531 is still present (I only saw "10..." on the right side and "....1" on the left side - should be this one.
RF-84G 10686 has left recently (the traces of its place were still very good visible).
I PRESSUME it went to Otocac.

That's all I was able to do in the short time I was there.
Great country and great food, well worth a visit.

Greetings Cujo
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Re: W&R in Croatia

Post by Beagle »

Former Zeljava F-84 10531 also went to Otocac (seen there 22.08.15). The DC-3 will follow later this year.
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