Log Ibaraki, Tokyo-Narita 24/25-09-19 (CIV)

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Log Ibaraki, Tokyo-Narita 24/25-09-19 (CIV)

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A visit to Ibaraki on Tuesday noted these between 08.30 and 15.30
B-30A3 Airbus A320-251N Spring Airlines
JA6913 MD Helicopters MD 902 Explorer Asahi Koyo
JA73NM Boeing 737-81D(WL) Skymark Airlines
JA73NP Boeing 737-8HX(WL) Skymark Airlines
JA73NT Boeing 737-86NWL Skymark Airlines
JA73NU Boeing 737-86NWL Skymark Airlines

Narita from the room 19.00/21.00 only those of use

9V-TAV Airbus A320-232 Scoot Airlines
B-50003 Airbus A320-232 Tiger Airways Taiwan
B-LDA Airbus A300F4-605R Air Hong Kong/DHL Worldwide Express
B-LEB Airbus A321-231SL Hong Kong Express Airways
B-MBC Airbus A320-232 Air Macau
HL8220 Boeing 737-8Q8WL Tway Airlines
JA08JJ Airbus A320-232SL Jetstar Japan
JA605F Boeing 767-316F(WL) All Nippon Airways
JA618J Boeing 767-346ER(WL) Japan Airlines
JA8286 Boeing 767-381ER(BCF) All Nippon Airways
JA842J Boeing 787-8 Japan Airlines
JA864J Boeing 787-9 Japan Airlines
VH-QPF Airbus A330-303 QANTAS Airways
VH-SGA Bombardier BD700 Global Express XRS SG Aviation Australia Pty Ltd

Wednesday 25/09 Narita
from the room 06.30/09.00 then from the museum 15.00/16.00 and then from gate A66 19.30/21.00(not much seen really
Museum included

A6-EEO Airbus A380-861 Emirates
B-17803 Boeing 787-10 Eva Air
B-1786 Boeing 737-84PWL Hainan Airlines
B-18303 Airbus A330-302 China Airlines
B-18906 Airbus A350-941 China Airlines
B-5946 Airbus A330-343E Air China
B-8863 Airbus A330-343E China Eastern Airlines
B-LDB Airbus A300F4-605R Air Hong Kong/DHL Worldwide Express
B-LEC Airbus A321-231SL Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LNT Airbus A330-343E Hong Kong Airlines
B-MCC Airbus A321-231 Air Macau
F-GSQD Boeing 777-328ER Air France
HL7525 Airbus A330-322 Korean Air
HL7551 Airbus A330-322 Korean Air
HL7553 Airbus A330-323X Korean Air
HL8266 Airbus A321-231 Air Seoul
HS-TBC Airbus A330-343E Thai Airways International
HS-XTJ Airbus A330-343E Thai AirAsia X
JA08JJ Airbus A320-232SL Jetstar Japan
JA11KZ Boeing 747-8KZF Nippon Cargo Airlines
JA12KZ Boeing 747-8KZF Nippon Cargo Airlines
JA139A Airbus A321-272N All Nippon Airways
JA213A Airbus A320-271N All Nippon Airways
JA5074 Aero Commander 680E Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA5151 Cessna 411A Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA5238 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Srs.II Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA5258 Fuji FA.300 Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA610A Boeing 767-381ER All Nippon Airways
JA617J Boeing 767-346ER(WL) Japan Airlines
JA620J Boeing 767-346ER(WL) Japan Airlines
JA621J Boeing 767-346ER(WL) Japan Airlines
JA7990 Kamov Ka-26D Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA808P Airbus A320-214 Peach Aviation
JA808P Airbus A320-214 Peach Aviation
JA820A Boeing 787-8 All Nippon Airways
JA821P Airbus A320-214 Peach Aviation
JA8611 Nihon NAMC YS-11 Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA8628 Mitsubishi MU-2B Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA868J Boeing 787-9 Japan Airlines
JA876A Boeing 787-9 All Nippon Airways
JA892A Boeing 787-9 All Nippon Airways
JA901A Boeing 787-10 All Nippon Airways
JA9156 Sikorsky/Mitsubishi S-62J Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA9298 Hughes 369HS (MD-500C) Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
JA9512 Aerospatiale SA.330J Puma Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
N317UP Boeing 767-34AFER(WL) United Parcel Service
N454PA Boeing 747-46NF(SCD) Polar Air Cargo
N487MC Boeing 747-45EF(SCD) Polar Air Cargo/DHL Worldwide Express
N510DN Airbus A350-941 Delta Air Lines
N591FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F) Federal Express
N67HB Learjet 25B Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
N850FD Boeing 777-FS2 Federal Express
N857GT Boeing 747-87UF Atlas Air
N869FD Boeing 777-FS2 Federal Express
N896FD Boeing 777-F Federal Express
OH-LWO Airbus A350-941 Finnair
RP-C9925 Airbus A321-231SL Philippine Airlines
RP-C9928 Airbus A321-231SL Philippine Airlines
V8-RBF Airbus A320-251N Royal Brunei Airlines
VN-A606 Airbus A321-231 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A693 Airbus A321-271N VietJet Air
VN-A888 Airbus A350-941 Vietnam Airlines
VQ-BCZ Airbus A320-214 Ural Airlines
ZK-NZD Boeing 787-9 Air New Zealand

and that was it EK318 A6-EEO to DXB and EK17 A6-EDR back to Manchester
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Re: Log Ibaraki, Tokyo-Narita 24/25-09-19 (CIV)

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Nice reports anyway.
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