US Navy P-3 TDY changes in Japan

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Re: US Navy P-3 TDY changes in Japan

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Following what should be the penultimate P-3C deployment in regular active-duty USN service with VP-46 split between Kadena and Sheikh Isa from 9.18 to 4.19 comes the final such deployment with VP-40 to the same locations beginning 4.19.

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Re: US Navy P-3 TDY changes in Japan

Post by ehvb01orions »

The final deployment of a P-3 squadron is again split between Sheik Isa AB en Kadena AB
VP-40 has 158222, 160287, 162318, 162772, 162776 and 163295 at Sheik Isa, while
161132, 161408, 161587 and 161596 are operating out of Kadena AB
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