Yuma MCAS/KNYL 2020

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Re: Yuma MCAS/KNYL 2020

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A visit here from lunchtime til dusk on 11-Dec-2020 saw the following confirmed flying tie-ups:

162483 CH53E HMH-46 YD-483

169296 F35B VMFA-122 -/00
169166 F35B VMFA-122 -/02
169691 F35B VMFA-122 -/04
168839 F35B VMFA-122 -/09
169678 F35B VMFA-122 -/11

None were wearing a tail-code whilst other VMFA-122's noted code-only (non-flying during my visit) were 01, 03, 09, 10, 122 and 24. There was also DC-122 present which should still be 169165, presumably recently replaced by the -/122 machine.

Also flying were:
169620 F35B VMFA-211 CF-00
169621 F35B VMFA-211 CF-01
169589 F35B VMFA-211 CF-04
169414 F35B VMFA-211 CF-25

(169588) F35B VMFA-211 CF-03 was noted on the ramp.

Sadly no AV8s were flying so just lots of codes were noted. The only BuNo I could read fully was 164142 but appeared to be WE-22 rather than the previously noted code WL-22

2 different F18s used the circuit during the afternoon whilst the '112 example was parked on the civil visitor ramp:
164722 F18C VMFAT-101 SH-120
164058 F18D VMFAT-101 SH-252
163764 F18C VMFA-112 MA-02

The based Tigers were active too:
761586 F5N VMFT-401 LS-00
761527 F5N VMFT-401 LS-02
761541 F5N VMFT-401 LS-03
761546 F5N VMFT-401 LS-04
761556 F5N VMFT-401 LS-05
761559 F5N VMFT-401 LS-06
761526 F5N VMFT-401 LS-11

Helos noted were:
168291 MV22B VMM-162 YS-0
(168214) MV22B VMX-1 MV-00
165845 MV22B VMX-1 MV-02
(166726) MV22B VMX-1 MV-03
166718 MV22B VMX-1 MV-04
166685 MV22B VMX-1 MV-05
166755 UH1Y VMX-1 MV-30
168500 UH1Y VMX-1 MV-31
166759 AH1Z VMX-1 MV-42
166761 AH1Z VMX-1 MV-43

Finally only one of the based C12s was confirmed:
163559 UC12F Yuma Base Sqn
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