NAS Miaramar Nov 1992 questions

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NAS Miaramar Nov 1992 questions

Post by K2G »

The following F-14’s and A-4’s were noted at Miramar NAS, Ca on November 20, 1992:

I still miss some ID’s. Who can help me with my questions:

F-14A VF-24 160919/NG-204, 160922/NG-202, 160905/NG-212,
F-14A VF-211 160389/NG-112, xxxxxx/NG-107, xxxxxx/NG-100, xxxxxx/NG-113, xxxxxx/NG-102
F-14A VF-114 162601/NH-105
F-14A VF-213 xxxxxx/NH-102, xxxxxx/NH-111, xxxxxx/NH-104
F-14A VF-301 159863/ND-101, 160xxx/ND-106, xxxxxx/ND-112
F-14D VF-31 164344/NK-202, 164348/NK-204, 164342/NK-201, xxxxxx/NK-205
F-14D VF-11 159613/NK-106, 164341/NK-107, 161158/NK-111, 159637/NK-114, xxxxxx/NK-105, xxxxxx/NK-104

2x F-14A wfu/std: 158978 (ex PMTC), and one with code xxxxxx/476 (ex VF-124?)

TA-4J TW-2 153680/B-119
TA-4J xxx 155081/05, 155085/02
A-4F VF-126 154209/21
A-4F VFC-13 155039/27, 155028/25, xxxxxx/24
A-4M VFC-13 159483/70,
A-4M NFWS xxxxxx/50
Not sure, if the above units are correct.

9x wfu/stored A-4’s:

7x single seat xxxxxx/30 (brown), xxxxxx/30 (brown/green), xxxxxx/32 +4
2x dual xxxxxx/16 +1

Who can help me with the missing ID’s? Especially the stored F-14 with code 476 and 9 A-4’s.

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Re: NAS Miaramar Nov 1992 questions

Post by Bennie »


Didn't visit Miramar in 1992 myself, but here's what I had in 1993 & 1994:

NG-100 = 161271 / 19-8-1994
NG-102 = 161141 / 22-10-1993
NH-102 = 162606 / 19-8-1994
NH-104 = 162611 / 19-8-1994
50 = 155025 / 19-8-1994
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Re: NAS Miaramar Nov 1992 questions

Post by Stefan »

We noted these in August 1993:

164347/NK-104 F-14D VF11
159831/ND-112 F-14A VF301
161141/NG-102 F-14A VF211

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