Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

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Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

Post by Piet Luijken »

Arrivals on 13jan22 1000-1200lt

A-10C 354th FS
First wave: 78-0652/DM, 78-0706 nmks, 78-0712 nmks, 79-0202 nmks
Second wave: 82-0648/DM, 82-0654/DM, 82-0656/DM, 82-0662/DM
Third wave: 80-0187/DM, 81-0941/DM, 81-0981/DM, 82-0646 nmks with callsign Bulldog21-24

Typhoon FGR4 1sq
ZK374/374 1sq as ASCOT9512
ZK425/425 nmks as ASCOT9513
ZK439/439 nmks as ASCOT9514

Voyager KC3 ZZ332 nmks
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Re: Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

Post by wamovements »

AFAUK it is RFR951x for the Typhoons
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Re: Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

Post by Starman »

ZZ334/RR9102 & ZZ331/RR9103 both heading for Sin City Piet, presumably some more Tiff's in tow. When you finish with the exotic racing, go get the noz!
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Re: Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

Post by Borispole »

Looks like there may only be 6 Tiffs, at least so far.

They routed via TXKF (Bermuda) en route as follows:

Voyager ZZ332 arrived 10-Jan from LPLA/Lajes bringing ZK374, ZK425 and ZK439. They departed 12-Jan to Macdill

Voyager ZZ334 arrived 12-Jan from LPLA/Lajes bringing ZK339, ZK365 and ZK435. They departed 13-Jan to Macdill but pre-departure ZK435 went tech and stayed back.

Voyager ZZ331 arrived 13-Jan from LPLA/Lajes bringing just ZK377. They departed 14-Jan direct to Nellis but ZK435 again stayed behind at TXKF and is still here.

I understand that 3 are/were 3 others at LPLA/Lajes comprising ZK375, 431 and 433. Will be interesting to see what happens to those 3 and ZK435 in the coming days.
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Re: Red Flag 22-1 (24jan-11feb)

Post by SBGrad »

We'll see what the Omi situation looks like in a week. I wouldn't mind catching this one.
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