EHHV 29-10-2021

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EHHV 29-10-2021

Post by merktech »

On this sunny day seen at EHHV,

D-KAUZ Scheibe SF-25 C Falke local
PH-1133 Super Dimona HK-36 TC local
PH-1466 Diamond HK-36 TTC local
PH-4B7 Aerospool WT9 Dynamic local
PH-4D2 Tecnam P92-2000 RG Echo
PH-944 Scheibe SF-25 C Falke local
PH-ALJ Tecnam P2000-JF local
PH-CBN Reims/Cessna F-172 N local
PH-CBO Ultravia Pelican PL local
PH-DON Cessna 172 P local
PH-GLD Tecnam P-210 MkII IO360
PH-GYS Cessna F-172 N local
PH-MFT HOAC DV20-100 local
PH-SKC Reims/Cessna F-172 N local
PH-SKM HOAC DV20-100 local
PH-SKY Duy'n Aero S MCR 4 S
PH-VHA Tecnam P2002-JF local
PH-VHD Tecnam P2002-JF local
PH-VHK Piper PA 28-161 Warrior II local
PH-VHP Piper PA 28-161 Warrior II local
PH-VHY Cessna 172 local
PH-VRW Cessna F-150 K local
PH-WMA Reims/Cessna F-172 P local
PH-WUR Sky Arrow 650 TCNS local
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Re: EHHV 29-10-2021

Post by KeesvA »

Thanks for this report!

According to ADS-B the following a/c also flew:
N65909,PH-4H1,CJC,POP,RYF (all locals)
PH-SKY Dyn'Aero S MCR4S (c/n 01!) is also a local since 2018.

Grz. KeesvA
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