ETNG 19-08-2020

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ETNG 19-08-2020

Post by Osprey66 »

1215/1245 HuAF246 A319 605
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Re: ETNG 19-08-2020

Post by ypenburg63 »

10.49L: Tornado 44+73 made two low approaches over rwy 27, anyone knows its callsign?

15.49L: A Tornado with callsign HITMAN came by for one low approach, anyone for the serialnumber?


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Re: ETNG 19-08-2020

Post by Adraf »

ETNG 19.08.2020 1815-1915

E-3A LX-N90444 NAEWF - T&Gs 1840-1900/arr 1915 "NATO40"
E-3A LX-N90446 NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90447 NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90448 NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90450/spl NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90451 NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90456 NAEWF
E-3A LX-N90459 NAEWF
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