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by maaspotter
28 Mar 2021, 21:50
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2021 CIV
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2021 CIV

Fyi, the mstcargo website doesn't seem to list ferry/positioning flights. Since the rada il62 is only picking up cargo, it is therefor not listed on the website.

Teletekst should be accurate though
by maaspotter
29 May 2019, 14:47
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2019 CIV
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2019 CIV

YS11 wrote:JA23MJ MRJ90 ANA,just in,fuel stop/maintenance?
The MRJ was renamed to "Spacejet" today..
So might be a repaint in new demonstrator colors (Le Bourget coming up next month)?
by maaspotter
16 Mar 2017, 23:43
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 17-03-2017
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Re: EHAM 17-03-2017

Two bizzers from/to ehbk:

xxx/09:50 C-GWHF GLEX
13:30/xxxx PR-OFT G200
by maaspotter
24 Nov 2014, 10:00
Forum: Photography
Topic: Canon EF-s 17-85mm 4-5.6 IS USM -> ERR99
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Re: Canon EF-s 17-85mm 4-5.6 IS USM -> ERR99

Ik heb een tweetal jaren terug het flex-kabeltje zelf vervangen, omdat de reparatiekosten niet in verhouding staat tot de nieuwprijs van de lens. Er zijn diverse filmpjes op youtube te vinden waar dit in voor gedaan wordt, en het kabeltje kan je zo op ebay bestellen voor 10/15 euro. Wel een gepriege...
by maaspotter
27 Oct 2014, 11:35
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2014 MIL
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2014 MIL

Sjoerd wrote:Can anyone advise where those C-17's are normally parked? Any good for photography?
Normally they are parked at the maintenance apron, like the one in the link below. Picture is taken from the cargo area in the evening ... 2472386/L/
by maaspotter
16 Mar 2012, 19:34
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: [PICS] EHBK 15-03-2012.
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Re: [PICS] EHBK 15-03-2012.

Good job Dion! just a few more from me:
by maaspotter
05 Feb 2012, 17:35
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM/AMS) 4-2-2012
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Re: Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM/AMS) 4-2-2012

Well done guys! I'd like to share some of mine as well. 1.The day started with moody light, thanks to the snow and fog 2. 3.beautiful lightconditions
by maaspotter
22 Jan 2012, 13:37
Forum: Spotting Rest of Europe
Topic: Paris-Le Bourget (LFPB/LBG) 2012 CIV
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Re: Paris-Le Bourget (LFPB/LBG) 2012 CIV

pjotrtje wrote:A log for an hour long visit on January 4th, 2012, with one question mark: I noted A6-MAX as a Falcon 7X, but it may have been a serious mispole...?
Might be A6-MAF?

pic; ... 168926.jpg
by maaspotter
13 Nov 2011, 17:21
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 13-11-2011 CIV
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Re: EHEH 13-11-2011 CIV

Roel wrote:RYR1822/EIEFV div EHBK
I believe these two also went to EBCI i.s.o. EHBK...

The last three in your list are @ EHBK right now, visually confirmed
by maaspotter
23 Sep 2011, 18:27
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: Maastricht-Aachen (EHBK/MST) - 2011 CIV
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Re: Maastricht-Aachen (EHBK/MST) - 2011 CIV

Thanks to the present and storage list at mst-aviation:

XW406 Jet Provost T.5 ex RAF
by maaspotter
17 Sep 2011, 14:03
Forum: Lelystad
Topic: Lelystad (EHLE/LEY) - 2011 CIV
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Re: Lelystad (EHLE/LEY) - 2011 CIV

Hawkers are not common at Lelystad I guess. This Netjets example should come in tomorrow (18sep):


EDIT: sorry flight is cancelled!
by maaspotter
16 Mar 2011, 20:18
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 17-03-2011
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Re: EHAM 17-03-2011

some more movements, related to the TEFAF event in Maastricht:

Code: Select all

**:**/10:40 N166FB F900
**:**/12:00 CS-DRU H25B NJE125B
14:05/16:10 LX-FGL C510
17:30/**:** OO-ACT F900
21:30/22:00 LX-FGL C510
by maaspotter
19 Jan 2011, 18:51
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: Maastricht-Aachen (EHBK/MST) - 2011 CIV
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Re: Maastricht-Aachen (EHBK/MST) - 2011 CIV

marcel32us wrote:N437XP?? Ce.525 (mispole?)
N497XP Be400!
by maaspotter
23 Dec 2010, 19:04
Forum: Civil Aviation News
Topic: Updates on delays in Europe
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Re: Updates on closures/delays due to weather

Maastricht closed till at least 21:00lt tonight
VALID : WEF: 1640 UNTIL: 2000 UTC
by maaspotter
23 Dec 2010, 19:02
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 23-12-2010
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Re: EHAM 23-12-2010

330/340 wrote:Is deze nog steeds wit ? (v/d verf he, niet v/d sneeuw?
afgelopen zaterdag was hij nog wit met tail + winglet logo's...

zero rate op MST nu (tot 21:00lt)...